The number of people with a skin problem is constantly rising and there is a need for a well-priced skin care concept. Our skin is unique and personal, just like our fingerprint. Moreover, our skin changes with the seasons and the climate. At HVC- Vision we are aware of this and therefore you will give individual advice on the needs of the skin. Every advice is customized. Do you know which ingredients are included in your cosmetic products and what the impact is? Probably not. That is why it is also difficult to choose the right skin care products. Because I have the right knowledge and information, I can help you make the right choice. At HVC-Vision we are convinced that the body is a complete system. Skin conditions are often a signal that the body or essential nutrients are missing or consuming the wrong and therefore not in balance. Dietary advice is therefore part of the treatment. A healthy lifestyle is the basis for a healthy body. We also provide nutritional advice on request, according to the latest insights. Lectures for large groups is also possible. et.
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